Yuk Betulin Posisi make Notebook/Laptop kita!

Buat temen2 yg udah kecanduan make Laptop/Notebook, yuk evaluasi posisi memakai laptop/notebook kita biar tubuh kita nggak salah urat atau malah cidera sesudah selesai study/kerja. Hati2 loh, posisi tubuh yang salah yang diulang2 setiap hari tanpa terasa dapat menyebabkan cidera tubuh. Berikut hasil penelitian profesor Dave Malouf (Savannah College of Art & Design):


9 Posisi Sakit dan 1 Posisi Wuenak Memakai Netbook (gambar terlampir)

Sebuah penelitian dilakukan terhadap penggunaan netbook. Hasilnya, ada 9 posisi penggunaan netbook yang menyakitkan dan 1 posisi yang paling nikmat. Apa saja?

Seorang profesor di Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Dave Malouf, membeberkan hasil serangkaian riset yang Continue reading


Innovations Diffusion Theory (IDT)

Firstly, let’s discuss about a basic theory that offers a conceptual framework for the Technology Adoption at a global level: the Innovations Diffusion Theory (IDT). I will discuss this theory with some examples of current facts/implementations.

This study was started in 1950s at the University of Chicago with funding from television producers who sought a way to measure the effectiveness of broadcast advertising.

The IDT studies how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. Not just in information technology exclusively, this theory applies to Continue reading

Why “Technology Adoption”?

By the time, numerous new technologies have been developed, launched and promoted to people. Most of the companies are very confidence about their products. However, when we talk about the goal of the technology we will end up on the question: do the people intend to use and actual use the technology? Remember, all the products, all the technologies will be “useless” when people as the users reject to use them.

I reckon to study about Technology Adoption/Acceptance is fun, beneficial, and challenging. By studying this “small expert” it teach me that the IT is just a tool in fact. As a tool, it can be used or rejected by users. So in order to understand what determinant and hinderer factors to use a technology, “my expertise” insyaAlloh could be needed and implemented.

Basically, motivations for the studies on technology acceptance/adoption are finding out strategies to promote usage of particular technology. It is important to make sure that the new technology or service will be accepted and actually used by intended users. The studies intend to recognize the determinants of acceptance and ensuring the new technology or service are built and implemented so as to minimize resistance.

This concern in insight factors of technology acceptance has extended the traditional ergonomic concern on usability (ability to use) which investigates the design and evaluation of systems to enhance its usability. Accordingly, the technology acceptance study covers some distinct areas of innovation diffusion, technology design and implementation, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Systems (IS).

Next, I will talk about basic studiesĀ on technology acceptance theories/models. InsyaAlloh.