Statistics: when working with GRAPHs & TABLEs

histogram.jpg When we have decided to use Graphs & Tables for supporting our arguments¬† –> make sure your graphs & tables are: Unambiguous (easy understood), Meaningful, Concise (simple, short), and Independent with text. Continue reading


Statistics: when making a CORRELATiON GRAPHs?

histogram.jpg Beware when we decide to make a Correlation Graphs:

1. Make sure the input DATA are correct!!! –> “Garbage in, Garbage out”

2. Even for the same data, 2 Graphs can look like different if we use DIFFERENT SCALE –> “Different Scale can be Different Interpretation“!!!

3. Beware of COMPARISON Graphs!!! –> is there really any relation between them? Continue reading

Statistics: How to describe our Data?

histogram.jpg At least there are 2 ways to present our data:

1. We can describe the characteristics of our data exactly using (mostly) Quantitave Data (i.e. numbers) –> “DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS

e.g. : I walk approximately 2 km each day
2. further, we also can measure from a Sample to infer something about the probable characteristics of the larger group (Population) –> “INFERENTIAL STATISTICS

e.g.: We don’t expect much rain at this time of the year

Continue reading