Keeping up with Current Research/News?

Hey…have you ever felt impressed with somebody else? Wow..he looks smart!…she sounds knowing everything!…how can he know that? why I haven’t know about that?

Ha…ha…I remember many of my friends always ask how can I get the idea about my thesis?..or my students who came to me with a “lazy” question “Can you give me a research idea , sir?” Many people want to have scholarships for their PhD…but they do not know what their PhD research is..why? because often we just sit down or asking to somebody else and waiting the idea coming up suddenly. How come?!!…. Continue reading



title2.jpgΒ When I read a paper actually I am trying to find and to understand the “idea” of the author/s, to find his arguments and all data/information for supporting his arguments. Continue reading

Writing: Making our TITLE attractive and describing the content

title2.jpgTitle is very important part in our writing. Often we decide to continue reading a paper just from the title. It’s why in my opinion it is very important to choose the right words, the attractive words, as well as the attractive words in my title. Some tips choosing the Title: Continue reading

Reading: Important to understand the AUTHOR’s PERSPECTIVE

read.jpgTrying to find out and understand the author’s perspective is very useful. Authors often do not directly state their opinion. Sometimes they persuade us indirectly, an argument is only implied. By knowing and understanding the author’s perspective will help us to enjoy the reading since beginning as well as to catch the ‘hidden persuasion’ or the author. Continue reading

Reading: How can be faster and enjoy it?

reading.jpgFrankly, reading is not an easy job, particularly if the language is not our native language. By the way, since personally I have a strongwill becoming an “international” person πŸ™‚ I must get used to reading and speaking English as often as possible. I must be finding many mistakes in my writing in this blog, but who care πŸ™‚ this is my blog I use this blog also for practicing my English πŸ™‚ Continue reading