Tips GAGAL Wawancara ADS

Ary, seorang applicant ADS, sedang menghadapi test wawancara beasiswa.
Alhamdulillaah dia lolos test berkas karena emang S2 nya lulusan Flinders University. berikut rekaman wawancara yang membuat dia gagal.

Bule Interviewer: “Ary…frankly, I like your anthusiasm, please tell me why do you want to apply PhD scholarship just after finishing your master?”

Ary: “It’s because I consider about my age sir…for me, age is an opportunity!”

Bule Interviewer: “Wow, that’s great!..tell me, what’s importance about your age to this scholarships?”

Ary: “Sir..I am applying PhD now because I am still Young…If I am young I am still strong…so…I can apply for CLEANING job in Australia again!!”

Bule Interviewer: “What a @%&$^*(!!!”

Cerita ini nggak fiktif-fiktif amat, tokoh yang diangkat nyata, dan ditulis atas permintaan si pelaku šŸ™‚

Story Moral: Pintar-pintar memilih kata


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