Today’s Decision

Today is important day for me. Alloh shows me that I am still stupid, I am still weak in many things, I am still very far from being expert 😦

Today, by this conference result, Alloh shows me that I should prepare for ‘MR’!

Another hikmah that Alloh gave me today is a bit ‘pressure’ for me to realize and to accept that I am not clever enough to do many difficult things in the same time. My supervisor came to my office and remind me that my PhD is my top priority and it’s o.k. for me to put off teaching job totally for this semester and focus on my PhD…heh..the thing that I have been thinking to do for a long time but I haven’t done yet. It’s not easy for me, but I understand and realize this is the best choice. Now, I am trying to remember Mas Edi Winarko, the one as my model. He stopped working totally  on the second year for his study. He, the one who has been expert in his field, did that; how about me who are still stupid in my field???!!

Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim. Ya Alloh, I beg your ridlo….thanks, You remind me, I hope it is your guidance that You will give me a different ni’mat: knowledge..insyaAlloh. I will see and answer this hypothesis in January 2010 insyaAlloh.


2 Responses

  1. wah keren banget mas Tony, saya sudah liat salah satu projectnya SMS OBM2009 itu. Kalau boleh tau, aplikasi notification dan pull sms itu pake apa? yang sedang ditawarkan di miass itu apa melibatkan kerjasama dengan provider telpon seluler juga ga?

    Good luck for next projects.

    dari yang masih wondering milih research topic buat sekolah lagi. Kasih tips dong mas….

  2. pake Java for SMS Server & PHP for the web interface, Tati..yup sama ama yang di MIIAS…tips nya minta berapa rupiah? 🙂 sukses dech ikhtiarnya!

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