These Tutorials are Demanding Jobs!

00630-funny-cartoons-math-brainI write this for keeping in mind what I feel now. It’s important as my consideration when I have to take decision for my next semesters whether I will take another job as demonstrator/tutorial again.

Today is Monday…there are still another two days for my ‘Demonstrator’ class (comp 1301) and another three days for my Tutorial class (Fondation Course Topic 3). In fact, starting this day, it’s very difficult for me focussing on my research. Why? Because both of the topics are demanding job!!!

1. The comp 1301, actually my job is Demonstrator but this topic was designed to have 3 homeworks and 1 final assignment and the demonstrator must give marking and put the mark on the system without pay (the job of a demonstrator is supposed to be just in the class without additional job after class..this is Tutor job and the pay should be 3 times). Another thing, comp 1301 has 3 discussion sessions so as demonstrator I have to prepare the material a day before the class. Wuiih!!…this job is too much for demonstrator and I think I should not take the job as demonstrator for comp 1301 for next time for 2 reasons: 1. The salary is not fair (SALARY reason) : it’s “Tutorial” job with Demonstrator salary  2. (TIME and ATTENTION reason) It’s demanding job: it always demands my time for marking the homeworks (3) and the final assignment (1) and also put the mark on the system as FREE! and I have to prepare for discussion!

2. As an alternative.. I like comp 1101! it’s very easy job, I just need to come and help student and check off for them. Even for the exam, I just need to come and check off. No need extra job or time. If there is marking, it is counted as additional job. I plan to apply comp 1101 for next year..just 1 daybut full day. I will not apply for comp 1301!

3. Particularly Fondation Course (Topic 1 and 3)…it’s good in money and time (Tutorial pay and evening class) but since this topic is design for students who want to enroll to Flinders Uni., this program has many assignments (specially Topic 3). As Tutor, I have to prepare for talking and explaining the topic every week (for Topic 1, I have to prepare twice in a week); there are homeworks almost every week and the Tutor must do marking the homework (@21 questions for about 15-20 students almost every week); additionally, since most of the students are people who have delays in education, some students like talking, showing-up and arguing for nothing –> it’s again asking more energy to deal with them. Actually I like the statistics topics…but I decide that I should not take the job as tutor for Foundation Course next time for some reasons: 1. It’s demanding my Time and Focus for preparing the material and marking every week!, 2. It is exhausted to deal with the students!

Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim..InsyaAlloh for

Semester II (comp 1111): I just apply the Tutorial job just if there is Monday or Friday class! (just 1 day)

Semester I: I just apply for comp 1101 and just 1 day!!! (no comp 1301 please)

Semester Break: keep job as demonstrator for EAP (if the opportunity still coming)

On top of that, my PhD research is the first priority!!! No more income is okay, I believe (InsyaAlloh) currently I am developing my skills and achievement for my PhD research and it is gonna be a ‘machine’ for more money and my benefits for longer time, especially after my PhD. Be Patient and keep Focus!!!


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