HOW to be (always) Confident?

confident11. Wear the ‘best’ & suitable clothes!

Be aware: people must be looking at ‘your appearance’ to have an initial perception about you. Clothes influence our psychology including our confidence.

2. Have the knowledge and skills on the topic! Learn, search, collect, and practise all materials about the topic!

Remember the story about ‘shy fisherman’ who can talk attractively in front of camera?

3. Talk Clearly! make sure your voice can be heard by your ears!

When we talk clearly, people will understand our points –> When people understand our talk, they will respect us and we will be more confident .

Talking clearly heard by our own ears ~ is like talking to yourself = Refreshing ourself about that thing again and again ~ practice –> make our ability better and better.

It’s like ‘Snow Ball’ phenomena.

4. Focus on your points/messages! don’t worry about other things!

Remember: the most important thing about your talk is your points.

5. To answer any question: Stay Cool, keep control our Mind, find-out the answer!

If we don’t have the answer just say “I don’t have the answer for now” or “to answer this question we need to understand about the philosophy of this this this” or if we really want to find out the answer “I’ll search the answer on the Internet for you”

6. On top of that, always be prepared! ….practise , practise, to make sure and to practise my brain, my lips, my tongue familiar with the words and the idea

Don’t we notice that we can talk fluently and enthusiastic when talking about topic that we are familiar with and know well about it?!


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