be Confident!

confident1Yesterday, I companied my first son (Mulia) on his first music class session. Arriving there, a ladies welcomed us and friendly have a chat with us. She doesn’t look like Australian or Western but she is very confident than some Australians that I know. Then after I took her business card, I known that she is the director of that school. She is Malaysian-Chinese so she can speak Melayu, a bit Indonesia, and definetely English well.

These are what surprised me: even she is not Australian, she is foreigner, but She is VERY CONFIDENT to any people, she can succeed running a BUSINESS here, and she is very friendly. What I learned from that ‘hikmah’ is:

1. When we talk to people, first important thing that they will see on us is our CONFIDENCE! (this was what I thought in that time)

2. When we are confident –> then people will RESPECT to us! (they will not look down on you, because they will carious who you are actually:)

3. When we are confident –> our MENTAL will be on OUR CONTROL –> our MIND & BRAIN will work normal and good

So…be CONFIDENT!!! any time!

the Next question is How to be confident?? I’ll discuss next


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