to Plug a Hole on My Scooter’ Tubeless tire

tireAlhamdulillaah…Alloh gave me another lesson about how to fix tubeless tire flat today.

Yesterday, I insisted to take my wife’s scooter to Gas station to fill more air. I was worry since my wife had told me long time ago that her scooter’s tire felt a bit flat. Then, I ride the bike. No longer, after passing the traffic light next to my unit, I felt the rear tire flat 😦 Upset, angry, wondering how can I fix it, how can I take my bike to garage in City…

Going home by walking I take the scooter back home…Alhamdulillaah it was not so far from my home.

After dropping my wife to her work that day, I tried to fix the bike. Huh..Alhamdulillaah I found a nail plug on the tire…then I just found that my scooter tires are tubeless tires. Mm…I think it will be easier to fix it up since I don’t have to take off the tire.

Today, I bought the Tubeless Tire Repair Tool kit and a pump. Then I plug the tubeless tire flat. I just followed this Video and now I have experience and skill to plug hole in flat tubeless tire, Alhamdulillaah 🙂


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