My first Fishing!!!

ikan11Yesterday, I was sick of working and thinking about research, organization, job and other serious things! My neighbour Pete and Silvia’s family, my ALA friends from Tokelou invited me to joint with them to fish. Actually, We had bought fishing tools and got two fishing poles and a box of fishing equipment on Saturday.

We went to Glenelg beach and sit on the jetty. Yesterday was not crowded so we could start our fishing well. Waiting for almost an hour, nothing stuck on my hook. Bad, I lose my fishing line droped in the water 😦 ….

Then my new small pole  suddently moved and the line getting tight…Yeaaah..a fish stuck on my hook!..I got fish!!…my small fishing pole was getting tighter and tighter, I though I lose the fish..I pulled up..up..up.. Mulia, my first son shouted happy to see the fish..”My daddy got fish!!…Your dady not!” 🙂 he said to his friend..he..he..he..I am just lucky in that unlucky day. We just got 1 fish and went home at about 5 pm.

“Mum..can you fry the fish for me tomorrow morning so I can have it for my lunch” asked my son…happy for me even just 1 fish since it is my first fish by fishing in Australia 🙂


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