Take a break!..Ngajar & Belajar skills dulu ah

He..he..starting this week and for next three weeks, I am going to take a break from my research šŸ™‚ so what: Vacation? No!…..

I have accepted works as Tutor for Student Learning Center (for IAP) and Tutor for Comp1101 (ICT1) at my school. That’ s good for me. I am sure these activities could force me to forget my research for a while, and also give me more experience, skills, and a ‘little’ bit money šŸ™‚ Bismillaah..semoga berkah..amiin

Materi ngajar saya gampang2x kok, sepele kalo buat sampeyan2x yang rata-rata sudah ahli IT di Indonesia. Pengin tahu? silahkan akses di tonyteaching.wordpress.com


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