“Oh No..I forgot to take my tooth!”

2008-062That day (about last week), when we had dinner at home with my sons we really surprised when we found his front tooth was gone!..”Mulia where is your tooth?” we asked.

Suddenly, he was sad and said “Oh no!..I forgot to ask my tooth!”…”My tooth loosed at school and my teacher kept it” 😦

Huaa..ha…I and my wife laughed together..it was funny..My son forgot to ask his own tooth to his teacher 🙂 … (currently, my son’s teeth just will be replaced by new teeth)

Then the day after that night, as I leaved my son’s class his teacher called me “excuse me..there is something for you”..she gave me an envelope..”What is it?” I was wondering. I thought it was a formal letter for me. Than I read on the envelope “Mulia’s tooth”. Hua..ha..ha again I was laughing to remember my son’s upset.

Up to now..I keep that tooth still in the sealed envelop..smiling I hope it would be a ‘confidential’ memory for my son 🙂


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