Questionnaires & Ethics’ application have been done & submitted!

workAlhamdulillaahirrobbil alamiin..another important milestone I have achieved yesterday (Monday 12/1/2009). After almost a month I always keep working until 3 or 4 am every day, to read, to think, and to type my theoretical framework for my research, the questionnaires (survey 1 & 2) and the application for Ethics Committee. After almost a month, I feel flying every morning as I just have a short sleep (just about 3 – 5 hours every day) and have to take my sons in the morning; and after almost a month I turn around my daily time…almost a month I feel sick and exhausted….

Finally, yesterday..on the due date for the application, Alhamdulillaah I can finish the questionnaires, develop my research’ theoretical framework, fill out the application and the document accompanying the application as well as got sign from my supervisor! 🙂 …This moment is important since I still can keep my timetable target on time without reducing the outcome’s quality.

Always..I understand, all are just because Alloh’ ridlo and His love to me. Alhamdulillaah..ya Alloh may You open your knowledge to me and let me becoming a creature who can contribute to others. Amiiin. steps: developing a research web (information), set up a survey web, and doing survey 1.


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