Product-based Achievement

writingbook1 After almost a week I were trying to do my PhD and writing book in the same time, I realize that it is NOT RIGHT TIME! It consumes much time of my PhD focus. The progress in my PhD is getting slower and slower. Moreover, I changed my ‘language mindset’ becoming Indonesia 🙂 then suddenly my English dropped.

Alhamdulillaah, I realize about it..I know I need to write and to publish books, but I am sure actually I am also writing my “PhD book”. Not just be published, this book will also be reviewed by experts. So .. I am sure I HAVE TO FOCUS ON MY PhD Products!!! Because it is the main and the initial reason why I can come and stay here. I have to focus on:
1. Research Proposal (Done! 30 September 2008)
2. Paper 6 (Done & published! 24 October 2008)

3. My Questionnaires : Questionnaire 1 and Questionnaire 2 & apply-get approval from Ethics Committee <– Must be done before 12 January 2009!!!

4. Develop and distribute Questionnaire 1 <– Must be done before 30 January 2009 & Survey must be started since 10 February – up to 30 May 2009!!!

5. My Research Model, its paper, and the section on the Thesis Report <– 1 June – 30 July 2009

6. My Prototypes: SMS Notification, Pull-based Information, Transaction Services <– Must be developed since 1 February and done before 30 May 2009!!!

7. Paper 7 : the Research Model & its Survey design <– International Conference in Indonesia or Malaysia in the end of 2009 🙂

8. Running the services <– Must be started on 1 July 2009!!! until 28 February 2010!!

9. Develop and distribute Questionnaire 2 <– Must be done before 30 January 2009 & Survey must be started since 1 December 2009 – up to 30 March 2010!!!

10. Data analysis and the Final Model <– Must be done  before 1 July 2010!!!

11. Paper 8 : the Final Model <– must be presented in ‘Technology Adoption’ conference or ‘E-Government’ conference’ or related IEEE  conference (end of 2010)!!!

12. Finally Fully the Thesis Report <– Must be done by 1 July 2011!!!

Look! I still have MANY WORKS to do!!!, there are MANY PRODUCTS that I have to make (10 products)!!!

So again remember: FOCUS!…FOCUS!…FOCUS!

First and Main Priority: Each PRODUCT of My PhD!!!

then others, such as Books are next plans: I will write each idea and resource, and Insya Alloh I will devote my time for realize these idea after coming back to Indonesia (its my dream: I have to write and publish all my book books idea in first 2 years in Indonesia..amiiin)

Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim, La Khaula Wa La Khuwata ila billaah


3 Responses

  1. iseng-iseng buka link yang mas toni muat di miass.
    Banyak ilmunya mas… ga rugi baca blognya. Jadi nambah wawasan tentang doing phd itu gimana. Jurnal nasionalnya kok ga dimuat mas?

    Ok dech… gooodluck ya…, saya tunggu entry berikutnya.

  2. halo Tati…lagi ihktiar nyari S3 ya? mudah2an sukses juga ….amiin. Journal nasional masih dalam hard copy 🙂

  3. insyaallah mas, tolong doanya ya…. Ditunggu softcopy jurnal nasionalnya.

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