Just need a single Disappointment to make your Costumer going away

Alhamdulillaah…Alloh gave me another secret about running business:

For people like us who live in abroad, we used to have a preference for money-tranfer company.  We are used to sending little money to Indonesia through company K (it is just the alias). We choose and finally becoming their costumer for a long time (almost 1.5 years) after we found that this company (K) offered better foreign exchange rate. This company also use SMS to contact the costumers to make the relationships more personal. Plus, they guarantee that the money will be accepted in two hour in the same day!

These last three days, since Monday I have paid and  transfered my money to this company. It is not big money, maybe very small money for this company. Tuesday morning, I checked my Indonesia account, no money has been transfered. Then I sent SMS and asked about it. The answer was: “Sorry, We were very very busy yesterday, we’ll transfer this morning”.

Looks! It is a wrong answer here . You CAN NOT EXCUSE your bad/lack business by saying you are busy!! Can you imagine if we are going to deposit our money in bank, we come to the teller then giving our money..then the teller say ‘Excusme, we can not deposit your money because we are just busy’. It is Ridiculous! Remember: we are busy because we run a business and to get as many as costumers then you get money from them, so if you have got many costumers and you have been busy of them, is that the time to loose your costumers one by one? Busy IS NOT an EXCUSE! Busy is a consequence of every business.

He…he..he… You know? while I am writing this topic, suddenly I just got a phone call from the owner of this company (24 Sep 2008 at 10:36 Adelaide time)…He call me personally, explain the problems, say sorry, and explain what they will do to overcome the problem, and promise to me to let me know every progress. it is amazing!!! just 3 minute ago I was disappointed and really want to move and look for other company, but just because this ‘simple’ call I feel I got attention personally (as a costumer).  Hi..it makes me remember two similar Phisics theories:

every electron in each atom is going to keep its orbital position” (atom theory) 

“an object at rest tends to stay at rest and that an object in uniform motion tends to stay in uniform motion unless acted upon by a net external force” (Newton’s First Law / Law of Inertia)

Connecting to my current experience: ” a costumer is going to stick on the same company unless there is a force to make him/her think to move a way”

So….Do not too busy to get as many as NEW COSTUMERS by loosing your CURRENT COSTUMERS!! Put the Highest Priority to our Current Customers and believe me if we can keep satisfying them, they will invite other new customers!!!

Remember, when Alloh reminded Rosululloh SAW, when he neglected an old and blind man who was really want to ask some questions about Islam just because Rosululloh was in discussion to convince some rich and high position people of Quraisy. Alloh reminded him to give attention more to people who has been willing to come to you and to join with you.


Preference: the act of prefering

foreign exchange rate: nilai tukar uang asing

neglect: /niglek/ to pay no attention

Excuse (noun/verb) alasan

Ridiculous : menggelikan


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