Research Proposal+Literature Review..Done! Alhamdulillaah

Alhamdulillaahirrobbil alamiin… Today, Alloh has helped and let me to finish and submit my PhD research Proposal+Literature Review+My Annual Report to my supervisor. I just feel relief now🙂 after I devote almost all my time for finishing my Research Proposal and the Literature Review.  Finally, a 16 pages proposal and 61 pages literature review have been finished and submitted.

So, what’s the importance of the research proposal and the Literature Review actually? Why did I have passion on this? Why are they really important toward my research?

Frankly, about three months ago I didn’t think that I need literature review. I was confident that I had known my research (since I had published 5 papers at International conferences before) and I thought I do not need literature review. However, after 3 times discussion with my supervisors (Dr Robert Goodwin, and especially Prof. Paul Calder) I found I had known nothing about my research. Then Alloh led me, He shown me Husain, my room mate – another PhD student from Saudi Arabia graduated from US and Australia Universities had been starting and struggling with his literature review. He let me known, “even you thought you do not need conducting literature review, in fact the University procedure ask you to submit it enclosed with your annual report and the reserach proposal!”  Ya Alloh! in that time, You gave me a “critical momentum” to rethink and reread about my research idea: ‘what is the basic question actually?’, ‘is this really on the right track?’, ‘is this idea really original?’, ‘do I miss something?’, ‘what are the contributions of my research actually?’, ‘is there any established topic area for this research?’, …so on.

I dropped to the bottom. Suddenly, I felt unsure about my research. Stressful…my fingers typed any words in Google to search any clues about my research. I wrote down each word of my research question with big letters, I asked the definition of each word, I talked to myself, I asked and discussed to anyone, I did ‘shot in the dark

Again, I always believe that everything happens to me is a blessing/guidance from my Lord. Finally, my Google showed me the topic…the papers…the theories..the current knowledge….the track….and finally the knowledge gap..Alhamdulillaah. Keep printing, keep searching, keep reading, keep writing I did to seek and to gain as much as knowledge in a limited time. Finally I can finish the proposal and the literature review.

Definitely, I strongly believe..every researcher need doing literature review before starting his/her research! every researcher can not be arrogant by feeling that his idea is new and on the track before seeking and learning about what have already known! Literature review must build a strong theoretical framework for our research, it must develop a valid hyphotesis.

Today, Alloh again had taught me: be Humble…be Learner! Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim


Relief : (noun) release

Devote: to focus and to commit on

passion: /pe’ssen/ (e’ kaya’ empek2) strong emotion………….patient /pesien/ (e kaya tempe): sabar, pasien

toward: (preposition) in the direction of, for, as contribution to…

Frankly: (adverb) openly/freely …terus terang

confident: (adjective) have a strong believe

thought: /thot/ think (past tense) …..I often confuse with ‘though‘ /th oh/ (conjuction) although….(adverb) however

taught: /taut/ (past tense) teach

led: /let/ (past tense) lead /lit/ show the way

struggle: /stragel/ …….berjuang

enclose =  to insert, to attach,…to surround

momentum= /momentem/ force of movement

rethink= /ritsing/ to think again

reread= /ririd/ to read again

original= new

shot in the dark‘ = /shat/ wild guess

Lord: God

2 Responses

  1. : Pak, saya “tertarik” bikin riset proposal😀, saya sudah ada bayangan ide, dan inisiatif2 menarik yang akan dibuat riset😀. Untuk itu tahap selanjutnya adalah menulis. Pada tahap ini saya mengalami kebingungan, apa yang harus pertama-tama saya tulis, bagaimana bentuknya, bagai mana urut2annya, bagaikan warga negara yang diatur oleh hukum, sebaik2nya warga negara, kalau gak patuh aturan, ya tetep kena sangsi. kalo riset proposal, sebaik2nya ide dan koonsep penelitian, kalo gak manut aturan penulisan, ya tetep aja dianggap jelek😀, Nah banyak sekali referensi yang saya donlot dari internet pak, tentang pembuatan riset proposal, banyak sekali dari universitas2 luar negeri, dan yang pasti kesemuanya berbeda-beda😀. Kalau boleh saya minta petunjuk dari yang telah sukses membuat riset proposal, kira-kira bentuk seperti apa yang pak Tony anut sekarang .

    segitu saja, terima kasih pak Tony😀

    Vokep : Cupu = Gak tau Apa apa

  2. Serius banget nih Mas Faisal!🙂 Nggak ada sangsi untuk tiap proposal. Just writing aja. Gini teknisnya (menurut saya): pertama2 ambil kertas kosong, terus tulis/gambar ide-ide penelitian kita besar2, coba buat hubungan antar ide2 itu, terus tentukan urutan ide itu agar alur cerita&logika proposal itu enak dan menarik diikuti, nah…baru ditulis dengan bahasa English yang menarik. Kalo perlu download dan ambil kata2 yang sering dipake di contoh proposal penelitian yang bagus (ngumpulin vocabularly yang bagus🙂 ) Sukses ya Mas, mudah2an beasiswa DIKTI ama BElanda-nya ketrima trus diangkat PNS🙂 amiiin

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