Coming Back from Western Australia…Remember 3H: Head, Heart,& Hand

7-10 July 2008, again Alloh gave opportunity for me to learn about life, learning, and leaderships. As ALA scholar I got a Leaderships workshop ( I have got a leadership conference as well in Canberra, June 2008).

This occasion was fascinating for me since I met with many scholars from many Asia Pacific countries. I am very sure they are not ordinary people, most of them are leader in university, international organization, Government officials, NGO, other; and all of them are smart.

What I learn and I must remember:

1. Always use my HEAD, HEART & HAND when dealing with problems!

2. Every person is different, so respect him/her, do not ever arrogant (feel better) be humble, listen on him/her and learn from him/her. Believe it, Alloh must put any Hikmah in any event/person.

3. Solving a problem, I could use 2 approaches: ‘MODELING’ or ‘BREAKING DOWN THE SCOPE’ (remember ‘square’ game)

4. I am proud to be Javanese, Indonesian or Asian: I have deep culture and values in heart attitude. But I want to be “western” in Logic and speaking.

5. Alhamdulillaah, I met and I had new friends who showed me other ‘bigger life’ and insyaAlloh will be my networks. There are so many possibilities in our life, and there are similar people who take risk by making decision like me for their next and much bigger/better opportunity.

6. Remember, as long as I live, TIME is a framework (limitation).

7. Always…be calm, learn first about the problem, be aware with the available resources, plan the solution, and do it seriously!


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