Keeping up with Current Research/News?

Hey…have you ever felt impressed with somebody else? Wow..he looks smart!…she sounds knowing everything!…how can he know that? why I haven’t know about that?

Ha…ha…I remember many of my friends always ask how can I get the idea about my thesis?..or my students who came to me with a “lazy” question “Can you give me a research idea , sir?” Many people want to have scholarships for their PhD…but they do not know what their PhD research is..why? because often we just sit down or asking to somebody else and waiting the idea coming up suddenly. How come?!!….

Again, I suggest you that an idea will never come up without knowledge!!! Do you think Archimedes is a stupid man who doesn’t know anything about science and got the idea about ‘Archimedes theory’ just because he was sitting in bath tap?? will you get the same idea if he was you in that time?…the answer is ‘NO’…you will have the idea just because you have some ‘boxes of knowledge’ in your brain. Your NEW IDEA is something that coming up to you after you try to connect, to contrast, to argue, and think about it again (even you don’t realize you do that, such as when we ‘wait’ in toilet 🙂 )

So….the point is we need the knowledge, particularly the up-to-date knowledge if we want to have the IDEA. Also if you want looking smart then others you need keeping up with current research or news.

HOW can we keep up with the new research or news?

At least there are Four ways we can take:

1. Activate your EMAIL alert : you will find it in particular journal website or your online library system that will let you know about new and specific information that you have define previously. for example: the email alert facility on my library: email alert Flinders library or you can use your Google Alert at

2. Copy and paste the RSS url on your PC

3. Activate your iGoogle or or using ‘Blogline’ and add all the RSS you need as your stuff

4. the other easiest way is joining with Mailing list in your special interest

All of them will make the all current information coming to you (and you do need to come to them 🙂 )

Ok….try it and check your new knowledge every day and be smarter man!!! 🙂

(Remember: KNOWLEDGE / INFORMATION is the POWER!!! ….. but Remember keep Thinking Critically!!)


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