First Program JAVA “Hello Tony!”

as common…for the first time, I tried to write my simplest source-code and just using NOTE-PAD as my Editor.

Let’s write Java source code displaying sentence “Hello Tony!”

1. First…don’t forget to install your JDK….notice where your JDK will be installed (e.g. : “C:\Program Files\Java”)

2. Set up your Path variable in your windows system to make you easy to compile and run your source-code and byte-code any place

3. Using Note Pad write:

class HelloTony
public static void main(String[ ] args)
System.out.println(“Hello Tony!”);

4. Save as the same Class’ name “”

5. Try compile it using:


and you will get a new Byte-code file named “HelloTony.class”

6. Run your Byte-code using:

java HelloTony

Just like that….


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