title2.jpg When I read a paper actually I am trying to find and to understand the “idea” of the author/s, to find his arguments and all data/information for supporting his arguments.

When I read a paper, sometimes I found the author’s idea is similar or support my analysis but often they are different or oppose my analysis. I must accept all the ideas as long as the arguments are  strong (logical) and the data/information is valid. Moreover, I should collaborate all of the relevant statement/thesis/data/information in my own paper to support my own idea/thesis.

It’s why…..In order to support the Academic Integrity particularly to avoid me becoming a plagiator, I must use the reference methods:

1. Quoting

2. Paraphrasing


1. Quoting

Quoting means we use the author’s exact words or information into our writing.

–> Use quotation mark :             ‘………………….’

2. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing means we take the author’s idea and write it in our own writing style/sentence (the meaning/idea must not be changed!)

to be continued…. 


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