Writing: Making our TITLE attractive and describing the content

title2.jpgTitle is very important part in our writing. Often we decide to continue reading a paper just from the title. It’s why in my opinion it is very important to choose the right words, the attractive words, as well as the attractive words in my title. Some tips choosing the Title:

1. Choose the ‘COMPACT’ words that can describe the content of our writing in a short sentence

2. Use STRONG, WEAK, and or NEGATIVE words/idioms

ex. “Intensive Care Unit Syndrome: A Dangerous Misnomer”

‘Dangerous’ is a strong word, ‘Misnomer’ is strong and negative word (=wrong name)


ex. “Do We Need Antibiotics?”

4. Try to use ‘SCARE TACTICS

ex. “Bird Flu threatens Indonesia”

5. Try to use “False Dillema

ex. “Which one is more important: Quantity of Quality?”


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