Reading: How can be faster and enjoy it?

reading.jpgFrankly, reading is not an easy job, particularly if the language is not our native language. By the way, since personally I have a strongwill becoming an “international” person 🙂 I must get used to reading and speaking English as often as possible. I must be finding many mistakes in my writing in this blog, but who care 🙂 this is my blog I use this blog also for practicing my English 🙂

Some problems in reading an English writing for me: Very Slow in reading, Vocabulary, Loose my concentration and easy tired, Difficult to understand certain topics of papers and I need to read more then one 🙂

Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim..some skills in reading that must be practiced and practiced:

0. Stop!!! before reading a paper, asking to my self first: “what things actually I need from this paper/book?”, “Can I find them in this paper/book?”, if I have known what I need and I am sure I will find it in that book/paper..then read the book/paper …..

1. There must be a first step in reading a paper/book that needs much time (but we need it): in the first step we need to find out and describe the GENERAL CONCEPTs of the writing in our mind by

– PREDICTING the content from the title

– SKIMMING the material

– SCANNING the material and FINDING the KEY WORDS (make sure we really understant them find in Wikipedia!)

…….. That is it!!! Now at least we have got a general idea about the writing , right?………………………

3. Next, we can really read the sentences and ANALYSE the content…don’t be affraid to underline/circle/highlight or make a note on the paper if we found some important words/sentences.

Try..and Practice to enjoy reading…open your mind, relax..and you will got a new knowledge…to be better man!!! 🙂

“Iqro’ !!!”….”Read it!”..Alloh has asked us to read in order to understand the secret of the World


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