InsyaAlloh…ALLOH must be leading me to the Bigger Life

think.jpgAlhamdulillaahirrobbil’alamiin….tonight it’s not an easy night for me. An email from my friend and also the head of my department in UPNVY just let me know that maybe I WILL LOOSE MY JOB (as a lecturer in UPNVY) since I was not willing to sign a contract to stay at UPNVY for 9 YEARS after finishing my PhD 😦 Frankly, it is not easy for me taking a decision not signing the contract. Previously, the contract was made just for staff who studying with my company financial support (my company pays all the tuition fees, living cost and etc), but further even my company now doesn’t have any budget for supporting their staff to continue their study the contract also an obligation for all staff who got a scholarships from other sources. I know, currently it is not easy to get a job in Indonesia, but in my opinion it is not fair when the company can not give a financial support for our study but we still must be bound staying in a place for 9 Years (2N+1 years).

It is not easy for me to be consistent in my commitment that I have a dream to be someone who can contribute benefits for the world (Rahmatanlil alamiin) without bound at a place, without worrying about money, without affraid of loosing a job, without addicted with position. Ya Alloh…as You know every time I beg to you…please lead me become someone who can contribute internationally, not just limited in my institution, I want to give something for my nation, for my country, for all people, for all creatures, for the World. Now….I have reached for the step whether I will keep continue, ikhtiar and realizing my dream or I am affraid of lossing job in my town.

Ya Alloh…I know and I am sure You have prepared me with this destiny (and actually I had predicted that this time will come to me): Now I am a PhD student in Computer field and InsyaAlloh will be a PhD and expert in E-government and Mobile Technology (amiiin), InsyaAlloh for 4 years you will fulfil my family with AusAid and other incomes in Australia, InsyaAlloh You will teach me much greater in my expert. Ya Alloh…I believe that this destiny is the best for me, I believe that this night’s news is Your stimulus for me in order to keep my eyes open, my brain wake up, to kill my laziness, to keep my praying and to remind me that “I MUST STUDY HARD & LEARN MUCH AS LONG AS MY PhD STUDY IF I WANT A BIGGER & BETTER FUTURE!!!, otherwise I can be drop and my story will be ending for me and for my generation.” I know and I believe that each BIG DESTINY started by BIG DECISION, and each BIG DECISION often has BIG CONSEQUENCES.

Bismillaaahirrohmaanirrohiim…..Ya Alloh please a give me power, ease, and lead me…..InsyaAlloh up to now I have proved that we will get a new & better job if we are really have higher competency in skills and knowledge as well, moreover when we are ‘tawakal’ to You ya Allooh…again, I believe in You and again I will ‘trade’ with You 🙂 Alhamdulillaahirrobbil alamiin

Again…My next steps has appeared, my journey ‘ibadah’ (insyaAlloh) is going to continue, my praying to Alloh will keep going..and insyaAlloh I am going to prepare all the things for my next future……

Ya Alloh…I always lay all about my life on You, because You are who creates the World, decides all destiny, and distributes ‘rizqi’. Bismillaaahirrohmaanirrohiim…Ya Maalikiamuddiin ..Iyya kana’budu wa iyya kanas ta’iin..Ih dinashshirootolmustaqiim..Shirataladzina’an am ta’alaihim qhoiril maqh dubialaihim waladhooolliiin..amiiin…

Ya Alloh ..always I believe in your Quran (Al Baqaroh: 255)

“Alloh, tidak ada tuhan selain Dia. Yang Maha hidup, YANG TERUS MENERUS MENGURUS (makhluknya), tidak mengantuk dan tidak tidur. MILIKNYA APA YANG ADA DI LANGIT & ADA DI BUMI. TIDAK ADA YANG DAPAT MEMBERI SYAFAAT di sisi-NYA TANPA IZINNYA. DIA MENGETAHUI APA YANG DIHADAPAN MEREKA DAN APA YANG DIBELAKANG MEREKA, dan mereka tidak mengetahui sesuatu apapun tentang ilmuNya MELAINKAN APA YANG DIA KEHENDAKI. ‘KURSI’NYA MELIPUTI LANGIT DAN BUMI. Dan Dia tidak merasa berat memelihara keduanya, dan Dia Maha Tinggi, Maha Besar.”


3 Responses

  1. Yang sabar nggih pak..

  2. Leave it to Allah, Om!
    Karena hanya Dia sebaik-baik tempat bersandar.
    Btw, salam kangen buat Mas Mulya dan Makna nih, kapan nyusul Ayahnya ke Adelaide?

  3. Alhamdulillaah Mas….Thanks for your advice. InsyaAlloh rizqi setiap makhluk berada kuasaNya, asalkan kita mau “bergerak” pasti Alloh akan memberi…seperti Burung yang pergi Meninggalkan Sarang pasti Alloh akan membagi jatah Rizqi-nya padanya, seperti Cicak yang tidak bisa terbang namun jika mau menjulurkan lidahnya dan berjalan mendekati nyamuk yang bisa terbang lihatlah bagaimana Alloh mengatur bisa2nya nyamuk itu “terseret” terbang dalam jangkauan juluran lidahnya. Alloh Maha Adil, Maha Konsisten & MAha Pemurah 🙂 again thanks

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