IAP FLinders Adelaide

p1150069.jpg IAP stands for Introductory Academic Program for international students. It is very useful for us particularly for international students who just come, live and study in Australia for the first time. This five-week program (21 January – 23 February 2008) aims to facilitate students’ adjustment to Australian culture and society in general and to tertiary in the Australian context in particular. It is focused principally on student academic preparedness and consist of :

1. Academic & Research Skills

  – Library and academic writing skills

  – Research and report writing skills

  – Critical thinking & argumentation

2. English Language in an Academic Context

  – Analytical reading & professional writing

  – Speaking in an academic context

  – Written academic expression

3. Computing & Information Technology Skills

   – Word

  – Excel & data analysis

  – Power Point

4. Cross-cultural Communication skills

5. Academic Numeracy

  – Descriptive Statistics

  – Evaluating & interpreting data

  – SPSS

Alhamdulillaah, even I have lived and studied here before still I got many new knowledge and skills from this excelent program 🙂


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